How to Retake the NYLC?

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How to Retake the NYLC?

Post by Anonymous User » Fri Apr 24, 2020 1:54 pm

I took the NYLC last Feb on the 19th and passed NY Bar on this 2/26. So my NYLC and NYLE both expired.

However, every time I logged in the NYLC and trying to repeat the NYLC, it says that I have completed the NYLC and forbids me from taking the NYLC again. Any idea how to retake the NYLC? Many thanks.

NY Bar's hotline is shutdown b/c the coronavirus. . . .


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Re: How to Retake the NYLC?

Post by QContinuum » Fri Apr 24, 2020 3:05 pm

Not a direct response, but did you take the July 2019 UBE?
NY BOLE wrote:An applicant may complete the NYLC up to one year before or any time after the date on which the applicant first sits for the UBE
If you took the July '19 UBE, even if you failed, the above language suggests your NYLC/NYLE hasn't expired.

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