Most cordial way to reach out to state bar about C&F determination?

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Most cordial way to reach out to state bar about C&F determination?

Post by Anonymous User » Fri Apr 24, 2020 12:51 pm

Long story short:

(1) re-taker who passed the second time around
(2) never received C&F determination first time around
(3) have not received C&F determination this time around, so I was told I wouldn't be be certified until C&F standard is satisfied.

I'm happy that I've passed, but also concerned about C&F, especially since oaths can be administered remotely even before license is received. Again, haven't heard anything about C&F, and I'd like to clear up the uncertainty, especially given that I don't have legs to stand on at my job (I don't know how employer would react to my inability to be certified because of lack of C&F determination).

So I want to email state bar and ask (1) what I can do to facilitate the process and (2) whether they can tell me when they anticipate making C&F determination.

#1 seems fine to me, but #2 comes off as too pushy.


P.S. -- I want to make clear that I've received no C&F determination. Not even a preliminary determination to the effect that I'm not fit to practice law.


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Re: Most cordial way to reach out to state bar about C&F determination?

Post by QContinuum » Fri Apr 24, 2020 3:10 pm

Standard disclaimer: Not a C&F attorney. Certainly not your C&F attorney.

Have you tried calling? A call can be very effective at getting eyes on your application right away if it's fallen through the cracks somehow. If whatever department's handling C&F for your jurisdiction doesn't answer questions over the phone, then sure, email's fine, and so long as you're professional, I don't think it hurts to ask if they can give you an estimated timeframe for making the C&F determination. Worst case scenario, they tell you they don't have an estimated timeframe in mind. I can't imagine they ding you for asking the question.

(Obviously, word your email professionally and courteously, and once you send it, sit tight and wait for a response - don't badger them, not even to confirm receipt of your email. If they don't respond right away, I'd give it at least 2-3 weeks, minimum, and preferably a month before sending a follow-up inquiry (hopefully you'll hear something well before it becomes necessary to send a follow-up!).)

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