New York Bar Admission

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New York Bar Admission

Post by Anonymous User » Tue Apr 14, 2020 7:26 pm

I passed the bar last year and passed the mpre recently and am filling out my application for the 1st/2nd department. They require original affirmations of employment etc. but I doubt anyone right now is going to print, go to the post office, and mail things for me....

This would result in a significant delay for me.

Does anyone know anything about submitting applications right now? Can we submit copies?


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Re: New York Bar Admission

Post by QContinuum » Tue Apr 14, 2020 7:54 pm

Unfortunately, you'll likely have to wait. So far, as far as I've heard, there's no indication NY will accept copied affirmations.

(Note that, for forms that you need to notarize - i.e., the pro bono affirmation, and the application itself - you can take advantage of "electronic notarization" if you're physically present in NY State (both you and the NY-qualified notary must be physically present in NY State at the time of the "electronic notarization"). If you're not in NY State, if your current state permits "electronic notarization", you can also do that, subject to whatever requirements that state imposes. I recognize, though, that this doesn't really help with the requirement for "wet-ink signatures" from your employment/moral character/pro bono affirmants.)

FWIW, anyone whose application is complete and just waiting for the C&F interview is also on hold for now, so you're not really losing time at the moment.

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