Taking attorney's oath for CA Bar while out of state?

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Taking attorney's oath for CA Bar while out of state?

Post by fearandtremblingg » Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:35 pm

Passed the CA bar and recently got a positive moral character determination. I don't live in CA and with what's going on, can't travel there anytime soon. I'd like to get formally admitted as soon as possible. It looks like you can take the path with an out of state judge, but I'm finding it rather difficult to see the logistics of how to actually do it.

From what I've read, I take the oath in front of any judge, have the judge sign off on my affidavit, then mail that to the CA Supreme Court? I feel really lost in terms of what I'm supposed to say for the oath and what my affidavit is supposed to say exactly as well. I couldn't find any information on the CA bar website either. Anyone been in my position and can give me some guidance?


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