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How deep of a dig does C and F do

Post by lawschoolsplit2023 » Wed Jul 03, 2024 10:25 am

I have an inquiry regarding C and F for a detailed matter:

In my 30s and hope to complete law school by Spring 2029. I also have a clear record of no felonies, misdemeanors, traffic.

I lost my parents in 2020. the preceding few years have been rough in the midwestern state I lived. One was a smear campaign waged by distant relatives over inheritance. another regarding nepotism from a former boss who wanted to give me a good promotion and role at his firm which lead to rumors we were involved etc.

I was having serious health related issues 3 years ago, and former boss a lawyer confronted dozens of people spreading lies without my knowing he did. Which added fuel to the fire and smear campaign already present, because many questioned why would he defend himself or me, not realizing he was protecting reputation of his business and outsiders chose instead to take it there must have been more than boss and subordinate.

I moved to New York City 10 months ago. All was fine until early may. As then saw a few individuals visiting nyc. Was having a bad day and gave two of them dirty looks. The third person I saw while waiting for a cab. She was avoiding looking at me because my boss apparently confronted her in the past and she was clearly worried perhaps he would repeat this. I didn’t recognize who she was at first and not looking in her direction but looking for my cab driver. Next thing I know (as do know she has panic attacks) across the street she starts mouth quivering and convulsing of sorts and mouthing in my direction. My first thought was I was feeling attacked by a stranger and without words turned my head and mouthed too without words (what is your problem) as it startled me and made me jump then realized who it was.

Again under normal circumstances there should be nothing to worry about because I never spoke to this person, looking this way at them only happened one time and there was nothing disorderly or words spoken outloud besides the miffed mouthing gesture.

These people already though have an axe to grind so of course they would use the most benign thing to file issues.

I get usps informed delivery notifications of what’s coming to mail and in 10 months nothing has ever been sent to old midwestern state address or pictured on informed delivery, until two weeks after this encounter. It was a gray envelope that looked official. In the scanned image there was a white bar covering the sent or top portion. Not sure if that was deliberate because of it being potentially sensitive or if it was a scanning issue. While raising the image looks blurry there are nuances where it looks like a complaint inside.

Clearly it never was forwarded to new address in nyc. I went to post office there and there was nothing being held and in former state they said they have no certified slips. And this was again may 18 saw the image on usps informed delivery.

I did a background check on myself and it was clear. Contacted courthouses in old state. And nothing is on the civil or criminal dockets.

I did find out though that not all court orders show on dockets anyway.

Most would say relax, a court order has to be served upon you, and if this was certified mail they would be aware I didn’t receive it. And resend or search for new address. There is also possibility they put it in the paper also and clearly I can’t track down every paper since mid may, so I’m in limbo if a temporary order was filed and it expired because no hearing was had in my former state, or if a hearing did take place making it permanent, I had no idea of knowing.

There is nothing I can do to find out because police officers don’t even give criminal attorneys privy to that information either. So next five years I’ll be in limbo.

When someone gets their FBI rap sheet, they would be best source of info and would indicate if there were pending charges or anything nefarious.

If someone could please answer both questions for me it would give me ample clarity and most appreciated.

1. If I do get my fbi rap sheet and it’s clear, can I relax then about what the bar could potentially see for c and f?

2. How deep does c and f really dig criminally? Do they just go by what info fbi has or what’s shown on public record, and don’t have privy from law enforcement to find out if a restraining order did exist wasn’t public record or is expired or some hypothetical warrant exists that is pocketed just police can see?

Again I’m really frustrated over this and would really feel better if someone could answer both, as I know my gut instinct is correct something official was sent, and I have no access to.


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Re: How deep of a dig does C and F do

Post by nixy » Wed Jul 03, 2024 11:20 am

Your gut instinct is wrong. You are extrapolating from no evidence because of your history with these people. There is no way for you to know from an image on informed delivery that there is a complaint inside the envelope; in fact, a lot of junk mailers love to make their mail look as official as possible. There is also no way there’s an arrest warrant for you relating to this (or even a restraining order).

But yes, if your FBI rap sheet is clear, you’re fine.

Respectfully, you are really perseverating over this in a way that’s not healthy.


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Re: How deep of a dig does C and F do

Post by lawschoolsplit2023 » Sat Jul 06, 2024 12:56 pm

Well, looks like it turns out my fears were not unfounded here, about the piece of mail may 18.

I was told by my apartment neighbor in nyc that the nypd was knocking on my door while I was gone Friday.

Because I never received this summons I initially believed it to be I can stop by Manhattan criminal court house on Monday to ask about the summons or warrant. And then with a good attorney turn myself into police.

I am concerned here because not only can this potentially ruin the law school dream, but I am concerned of multiple charges and jail time. After my parents passed in 2020 my four cats became my whole life and are so attached to me, it would be too much to bear for them to be cared for well by another besides me if I go to jail for months or a year after trial is completed.

To recap, I did nothing nefarious here. I had toxic relatives that smeared me after my parents passed and their friends and a multitude and I saw four of relatives friends in nyc in early may. Three of them I gave angry looks and the fourth person thinking she was screaming at me from across the street I disgustedly mouthed with no words get a life. Apparently the group is in nyc all summer attending conferences as are university faculty.

In other states one can get a restraining order that isn’t a criminal matter per se, but that isn’t true in nyc. You either have to get one in family court which encompasses a relative, spouse, intimidate or if they aren’t related to you it has to be done in criminal court.

One can’t Willy nilly walk into criminal court however. There has to be a pending charge and that person must be arrested first before a person can file.

This means the person or persons (4) likely amalgamated their stories of the angry looks , and mouthing to one angrily without spoken words to culminate into a criminal charge or for all I know multiple charges.

While I know it says on court website a pending case plus an arrest has to be made before a person can file for a restraining order in criminal court, if they each did that to obtain a order or protection each what if there are 4-5 seperate counts or cases then for what would be a (misdemeanor for menacing, harassment or assault)?

It was foolish and stupid I looked mad or angry at the four individuals only one time a person. However I never got in their space, never yelled or talked to them, just angry looks to three scrunching up my nose disgusted and get a life mouthing to another was the extent.

1). If all 4 took out a restraining order hence made a police report citing harassment, menacing or assault (if they tried to deem angry look put them in fear) would this be a misdemeanor, multiple misdemeanors or counts in the same case or rise to a felony? If the objective was to each get a court order, requisite to make a criminal case or case each, to get one,

2) because I never spoke to these people ever before, during, or after my move to nyc. Never were in their space. Never spoke to them during the encounter with looks or mouthing to one coupled with telling the trial how these people smeared me and defamed me in the past, my boss got involved, and making it clear I moved to get away from their smearing to nyc plus stating they did this 2020-21 when I lost my parents and grandfather in one year, and finding a top Manhattan criminal attorney is it fair game I can get charge dismissed, get a not guilty finding or plea to one misdemeanor instead of multiple or a felony?

Sad I’m in my 30s with a clear record not even traffic and not only did I potentially blow my law school dream, but my kitties who are my whole family may have to be rehomed now if I go to jail for months, a year etc

I already knew the letter was serious because why in 10 months was nothing ever sent to my old address, until two weeks after encounter and if a neighbor said nypd was knocking on my door and they are credible, then I can assume their is something up which I’ll confirm at courthouse Monday. If anyone can give a nugget or two of advice it would help now


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Re: How deep of a dig does C and F do

Post by nixy » Sat Jul 06, 2024 5:18 pm

You realize the NYPD could have been knocking on your door for a completely unrelated reason, right? There are a million reasons why they might have been in your building.

In any case: you glaring at people across the street isn't a crime and unless these people are AMAZING actors/conspirators, they're not going to be able to manufacture a crime out of thin air. There's also no way you'd go to jail for any of this (unless there's more to the story you're not telling). If this has anything to do with your relatives' friends, the cops are probably ticking a box by coming to talk to you so they can report it's nothing and close it out.

If - and it's still a HUGE if - there's some kind of complaint about you, find an attorney and shut up about this (here and elsewhere) and do what the attorney says. No one here can give you legal advice.


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Re: How deep of a dig does C and F do

Post by ignorantfoot33 » Sat Jul 06, 2024 8:16 pm

Please go to therapy instead of turning to TLS - you’ve been on this forum for years and every time I see your username, you’re blowing things out of proportion. This is likely nothing. Nixy has tried to assuage your concerns repeatedly but it’s not working. Genuinely, I think therapy could help you heal better than this forum ever will.

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