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How does C and F check criminal background?

Post by lawschoolsplit2023 » Sat Jun 22, 2024 3:13 pm

In my 30s and plan to matriculate in law school fall 2026.

Have a clear background of no felonies, misdemeanors, warrants, not even traffic

I moved to nyc from Midwest after parents passed 4 years ago and toxic environment from distant relatives.

Almost two months ago I was having a bad day and saw two individuals in nyc from old state and gave them some angry looks, which isn’t anything one can retaliate for. However after the encounter I began to worry because my ex boss an attorney had confronted these people in the past on his own volition of smearing my name, so naturally they could make issues out of innocuous things having an axe to grind with me.

Two weeks later on my email usps informed delivery was a large envelope with a white bar through the sender, and the envelope could have been legal documents (ie court summons, cpo) and never was forwarded to nyc address this was over a month ago. If a process server was involved it’s not like they would know nyc address if person applied for cpo with old out of state address.

Called courthouses, had a background check and hired an investigator who all said no reports were filed. However, I don’t believe all restraining orders can be disclosed until served and wouldn’t show on court dockets and also, while police told investigator no reports have been filed someone could get one through the court.

The only way to 100 percent know is ask a police officer and even still they don’t have to share if a summons was sent out or there is a restraining order.

I want to let this concern go, especially since background check is clear, but what if 5 years from now all is good I apply to take bar and something is found I couldn’t access when turned over every stone?

When C and F does a background investigation for criminal history do they just check court dockets or do the same thing the private investigator I hired did who told me all is clear? Or do they have privy to the police nics that investigators or courts or lawyers don’t have?

So if investigator says all is clear should I call it a day, and think that c and f investigations will be same as private investigator I hired?

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