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Masterclass of Legal Eagle—has anyone taken it?

Post by Jimbobat » Mon Jul 31, 2023 8:21 am

:( im currently a 0L student but will soon start my 1L :( :( . I subscribed Legal Eagle on youtube and i do find some vids are helpful. Now,im wondering whether i should register for their masterclass to prepare for my 1L courses and exams....Has anyone taken it before, is it helpful?

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Re: Masterclass of Legal Eagle—has anyone taken it?

Post by Serjatclaw » Mon Jul 31, 2023 2:31 pm

Law school curriculums can vary significantly depending on both the school and the quirks of individual professors. No "masterclass" is going to offer much except very generalized advice at best, or at worst very specialized info that may not be relevant at all at the school you're attending.

You're likely going to be fed outdated, useless, or even harmful information that will only make adjusting to law school even harder than if you had just begun as a "blank slate". Also, you're shelling out hundreds of dollars for this "masterclass" that would be better spent on textbooks, supplements, or even something like Quimbee.

The most useful 0L prep you can do is go through each class syllabus and structure your studying strategies based on what is covered. Skim through the textbooks, look up your instructors on RateMyProfessor, and get a head start on seeing exactly what you're going to be working with. Some schools give access to a database of past exams, or the professor will post them on some sort of school site: save these to go through later, and read through some of the questions and answers.

Your goal is to get inside each professor's head, and figure out exactly what type of answer they are looking for. Signing up for some random prep course is not going to help you with this in any capacity.


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Re: Masterclass of Legal Eagle—has anyone taken it?

Post by masterherm » Tue Aug 01, 2023 1:03 pm

Read Getting to Maybe

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