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Increase in J.D. advantage jobs for law grad of 2022

Post by AdminMod1 » Tue May 02, 2023 10:07 am

The ABA reported an increase in J.D. Advantage jobs for law graduates from the Class of 2022! This is the second consecutive year of positive job growth, with a 3% increase in the number of such jobs compared to last year. UVirginia School of Law held the top spot with 95.41% of its juris doctor's graduates, all secured permanent, full-time jobs that require passing the bar. While outside T14, UKansas, Iowa, and UMinnesota. Each posted a rate of more than 90%.

Here is the complete list of law schools with its percentage.

UVirginia School of Law 95.41%
Duke Law School 95.33%
Columbia School of Law 95.21
NYU School of Law 94.50%
UMichigan Law School 93.54%
UChicago Law School 93.09%
WashintonU School of Law, St. Louis 92.93%
UKansas School of Law 92.93%
UIowa College of Law 92.55%
UUtah College of Law 92.38%
UMinnesota Law School 91.49%
Vanderbilt Law School 91.01%
Southern MethodistU School of Law 90.74%

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