Where to Find Great Legal Briefs?

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Where to Find Great Legal Briefs?

Post by AspiringAspirant » Thu Apr 29, 2021 4:38 pm

I’d like to improve my brief drafting skills, and my sense is that the best ways are: 1) practice drafting briefs, and 2) read well-drafted briefs.

Anyone have advice on a centralized place (book, website, etc.) where I could get help with #2? I know that a “well-drafted brief” is subjective in many ways, but still curious if anyone’s found helpful sources out there.


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Re: Where to Find Great Legal Briefs?

Post by replevin123 » Thu Apr 29, 2021 4:51 pm

The SG office's briefs are generally very good. I've gone there for reading material with the same purpose as you.

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