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Paralegal? Career change?

Post by nycwhatever » Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:49 am

Hi, I'm in my late 20s and have been working for a few years. I have a Master's in a humanities field but it's unrelated to my job. I want to go into a different industry. I thought about law school a little and have always been very interested in the legal field but I am pretty sure it's not right for me (really do not want to take on a lot of debt). Now I am thinking about the idea of becoming a paralegal.

My BIL is a paralegal in biglaw and he makes good money with all the overtime he works. I am thinking about going on the websites of, say, 20 law firms in nyc and seeing if they have a thing where you can submit a resume. However, I am concerned with the fact that I already have six years of full-time experience, am a little older than a recent college grad, and that this would be a career change for me.

Anyone have advice on how to write a cover letter that addresses my past professional experience and the fact that it has nothing to do with law? Is that fact going to be a big problem? Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks :D

(edited to take out too-detailed biographical details)

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