Can you tell others about a clerkship offer?

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Can you tell others about a clerkship offer?

Post by Anonymous User » Thu Apr 30, 2020 8:43 am

Looking for some advice: I intern for a federal judge and was fortunate enough to have him offer a clerkship a few years out of law school. The question I have is while I was offered the clerkship, the judge told me not to accept yet since he wanted me to make sure it was a good move for my career. It is mine if it I want it, but I have some time before I need to firmly decided. By the time I would come clerk for him I will be a mid-level associate.

Before I was offered a clerkship from the judge I was working for I had started preparing materials to go through the process through OSCAR. I asked several professors for letters, all of whom wrote them on my behalf and submitted them to my career services office for whenever I was ready to apply. The question I have is it appropriate for me to share that I was offered the clerkship with professors who wrote my recommendation letters to clerk even though I have not formally accepted it yet? I didn't end up using their rec letters, but all of them had asked me to keep them posted on my progress with applications. I am otherwise trying to keep this to myself since it is not a done deal, but I didn't know if telling the professors (or anyone for that matter) was acceptable. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you!


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Re: Can you tell others about a clerkship offer?

Post by Anon-non-anon » Thu Apr 30, 2020 8:49 am

It's probably fine, but if you want to be extra careful, you could just ask the judge / a current clerk, who you seem to have great relationships with.

It may be useful for your applications, especially if you are applying to a different level court, and especially if the next clerkship would be after the already-offered one. But to put it on a resume or anything I think you need to accept it first.

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