Real Property Editions .. #HELP

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Real Property Editions .. #HELP

Post by ELawMarch » Sun Sep 08, 2019 12:12 am

Hi guys,

As you may know semesters just started and people are left with hefty reading assignments to do..

I’m required to read the 9th Edition of Real Property Law for class, but my school library only has the 7th Edition available for check-out. Thus, I only have the 7th Edition on my persons available to take home and read. I bought the 9th Edition online but it’s not scheduled to arrive until mid September, literally a week after I need to have ready it by...
Does anyone know the real difference between the two editions?

Will I be prepared for class from only briefing cases in the 7th Edition? Please help...

Pennoyer v. Meh

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Re: Real Property Editions .. #HELP

Post by Pennoyer v. Meh » Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:33 pm

Does your library not have a copy of the required casebook on reserve? You may also be able to pull up the casebook online via the publisher.

In terms of figuring out the differences, usually a syllabus will provide the cases for the upcoming class--you can see if all the cases are included in your casebook. Or you can check with a classmate and compare.

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