So, I'm screwed on my complex lit final

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So, I'm screwed on my complex lit final

Post by Objection » Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:11 pm

I'm in a clinic that I enjoy much more than any class I've had in three years here. Focused on that at the cost of going to class/paying attention in class/caring about my complex litigation class

8 hour take home exam.

Four questions, 4000 word limit (two questions allowing 300 words each, two allowing 1700 words each).


1700 word questions: Removal & Remand; Class Actions
300 word questions: All-writs/anti-injunction act; Transfers/MDL proceedings

All will be based on the same long fact pattern.

If anyone wants to give me an idea of popular issues to watch out for and something bull shitty I can say about them, that'd be great. Don't expect it. Will probably just have to learn on the fly with the little nutshell books.

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