Any chance to transfer my NY UBE to NJ?

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Any chance to transfer my NY UBE to NJ?

Post by beth818 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:47 pm

Hey, guys, I knew years ago people would take NY bar and NJ bar at the same time for three days, but I didn't take the NJ part when I took the NY bar in 2014 feb.
I passed the 2014 feb bar and got admitted in the NY in August 2014, but now for personal reasons, I need to get admitted in NJ too, however, do you anybody know is there any chance that I could transfer my UBE of NY to NJ somehow, so that I only need to take NJ state law part and skip the UBE.
Also I found out there is a MBE 3 years limitation transfer on NJ bar website, I'm very confused about UBE and MBE? what is MBE tho? are they the same thing?
obviously my 2014 feb score has passed the 3 yr limitation already, does that mean I have to take this whole NJ bar including the UBE part all over again>??
thank you so much guys if you know the answer.


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Re: Any chance to transfer my NY UBE to NJ?

Post by mecarey » Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:16 pm

Your MBE score (it's part of the UBE) must be less than 36 months old to transfer. ( ... diction/nj)

HOWEVER, you can waive in after 5 years of practice in NY ( So there does appear to be an awkward window from 37 months - 59 months where you would have to take the bar again. Can you stick it out until Aug. 2019? Then you wouldn't have to take another bar and could just waive in.


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