Pre-OCI from the transfer perspective

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Pre-OCI from the transfer perspective

Post by Anonymous User » Wed Jul 29, 2020 8:47 am

Has anyone here begun making pre-OCI moves, specifically in the NY market? I realize this question touches on "legal employment" issues but I'm specifically interested in the transfer angle.

I've personally heard that some ~V10 firms are doing informational interviews and the like, but I feel that my transfer resume stands little chance when stacked against the non-transfer resumes at my new T6 school (given how selective firms can be at this stage). Obviously, getting an offer now would be a godsend and allow me to opt out of the competitive rat race that will be this upcoming fall semester. I'm not sure how people typically get their foot in the door for pre-OCI (cold emails?), and whether or not that changes for transfer students.

Any thoughts welcome! Anonymous bc my post history makes it easy to identify me / I think pre-OCI technically violates my school's employment policies

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