Past Transfer Students -- Share Your Experience!

A forum for those current students who are or may be transferring from one school to another. Post any questions, advice, or other transfer related comments here.
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Past Transfer Students -- Share Your Experience!

Post by Anonymous User » Sat Jun 13, 2020 5:33 pm

Hi everyone. I'm applying to transfer right now and would really appreciate it if past successful transfers shared their stories at their new school.
How was it adjusting to a new school?
Was it easy to make friends?
Were your grades different from your 1L?
Share the stressors and good times!


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Re: Past Transfer Students -- Share Your Experience!

Post by BungalowBoi » Sat Jun 13, 2020 8:07 pm

I was a past transfer student at NYU Law.

Adjusting was super easy.

My transfer class was pretty large (40+ students), and I hit it off with them really easily. I also found it really easy to make friends with non-transfer students during 2L. Nobody will know you're a transfer student unless you tell them. The class size at NYU Law is enormous, and there were 5 different sections, so no one knew everyone.

My grades were pretty consistent with my 1L grades.

NYU Law was an amazing time for me. It really opened a lot of career opportunities. I wrote about my transfer experiences in detail here. My colleague also wrote about his experiences as a transfer student at another T13 school here.

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Re: Past Transfer Students -- Share Your Experience!

Post by mudiverse » Sun Jun 14, 2020 9:11 pm

I'm one of the bloggers @ Lemon Law School. We took some of our downtime this summer to write about our experience transferring and getting into BigLaw.

Transferring can be kind of daunting from a community/social life perspective. 1L is such a bonding experience that I think a good chunk of your long-term law school friendships start in your 1L section. That being said, Transfer students (particularly at schools with large transfer classes) essentially feel like another section. You'll almost certainly bond with other transfer students because of your shared experience and mutual feelings of being the new kid on the block.

Making friendships with current students is ok, but not as easy as it would have been during 1L. I do think you, as a new face, need to step out of your comfort zone to be more social in many ways like introducing yourself, doing co-curricular activities, etc. There is some transfer stigma, but I think it is actually overwhelmingly positive - everyone knows that transfers did very well during 1L year so I think you will be viewed as someone who is very proficient at ls rather than someone who got in "through the back door".

My grades definitely dropped from 1L, but so did many students who took the pedal off the gas. As a transfer, I had nearly all As but this dipped to A-/B+ average during my 2L year. I don't think this is attributable to some kind of increased difficulty at my new school as it seemed fairly similar. In fact, I think grading at some of the top schools may be more generous than lower ranked schools.

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