Chances?? Please

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Chances?? Please

Post by wannabetransfer60 » Wed Apr 29, 2020 4:48 pm

Hello all, what a cool resource! I have recently thought about and "ran the numbers" on transferring for what I want to do career wise (loans will not be a factor, so why not transfer, along with my other reasons for transferring).

I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice as to what are my odds at some of the schools on my radar. I have a 3.66 (school went pass or fail so no chance to raise grade point average), three letters of recommendation from professors, and one from a previous boss at a large firm, summer associate position at the previously mentioned firm, some work experience as a paralegal after my undergraduate degree, and URM (although my sense is that this does not matter for transferring). The school I attend is ranked around 100. I am in the top 10% and our school is not providing individual ranking. I have regional ties to the southeast but do not particularly want to practice there. If you cannot tell by my school list below, I have very little care where I end up post-grad.

I was hoping to apply to Berkeley (an acknowledged long shot, but want to try in case they are feeling generous), Hastings, Davis, Vanderbilt, and Georgetown.

Thank you for any and all advice. Please do not evaluate "why" I am transferring as I have seen on other forum topics as I have extensively researched and validated my personal "why". Thank you for your assistance!

Pennoyer v. Meh

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Re: Chances?? Please

Post by Pennoyer v. Meh » Wed Apr 29, 2020 6:05 pm

Accepting your premise (which others rightfully won't): Cal is a longshot, GULC/Vandy are better than 50/50, and the others are probably good bets. You can look at their 509s and see if people from your school typically get in there. I'd recommend also applying to Emory, GW, WUSTL, and any other schools ranked <30 that take transfers, if you really don't care about where you end up.


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Re: Chances?? Please

Post by crazywafflez » Wed Apr 29, 2020 7:00 pm

I was hoping to apply to Berkeley (an acknowledged long shot, but want to try in case they are feeling generous), Hastings, Davis, Vanderbilt, and Georgetown. -
Cal- Limited chance, but hey, worth a shot.
Hastings- you'll get in- I'd be shocked if you didn't.
Davis- I think there's pretty close to an 75% chance you'd get in and I'd take here over Hastings.
Vandy- 50/50. However, I'm not sure you should go here- ya, they place in a lot of different places but are really concentrated in the South. You can for sure get other places from here, I just think Georgetown would be the better pick and I think you'll have the same chance of getting in.
I would also add a few places- depending on where you want to end up I'd add- USC, UCLA for Los Angeles (You seem to like California so was just adding a few).
If you want NY- maybe add Fordham?
Maybe add WashU as well?
Honestly, after the T14, most schools are pretty regional. Even some in the T14 are kinda limited. I'd at least pick a region. If you want Southeast and want a place like Atlanta I'd add UGA.
I usually don't recommend private schools over public schools though in general for transferring because at most public schools you can at least get in state your 3rd year.
Hope this helped some.

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