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"Prestigious" Dallas Plaintiffs Firms?

Post by HenryHankPalmer » Fri Aug 05, 2022 6:28 pm

Inspired by recent threads.

Does anyone have any insight into the top plaintiffs shops in Dallas? I get the sense that there are fewer plaintiffs firms in Dallas than in other markets like Houston.

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Re: "Prestigious" Dallas Plaintiffs Firms?

Post by Anonymous User » Sat Aug 06, 2022 7:32 pm

Anonymous User wrote:
Wed Feb 10, 2021 6:17 pm
With these threads, there is a lot of noise from all corners and people throw around conclusory statements (whether it's 2Ls trying to justify their decisions or lawyers trying to recruit on TLS). Whatever you decide, make sure you focus on verifiable information rather than conclusory statements. My familiarity is with lit, but for example.....

You know that McKool is crazy good at patent trials by looking at the sheer number of top 100 verdicts they've won. Lots of 8 figure plus verdicts everywhere. They also have low leverage, which maybe gives you more insight into how the firm operates.

Gibson has the most overly-credentialed lawyers, like 2/3 of the litigation associates there are circuit clerks. The partner in charge of Gibson's national appellate practice is based in Dallas. The office handled AT&T's blockbuster trial against the Trump administration and just bolstered its strengths in Texas trial work by bringing in a name partner from Lynn Pinker.

If you go through Sidley's partners and associates, you see a lot of focus on investigations and FCPA. AFAIK, they are probably the go-to biglaw firm for corporate investigations in the city. Sidley's partner-in-charge is a member of Sidley's national management committee, which indicates that they're not just a satellite office. When the whole Sidley lit partnership decamped from Weil, I heard it was because they felt they were being disrespected by Weil headquarters.

Lynn Pinker also has a lot of talent, but seems pretty highly leveraged for a boutique. Maybe that says something about partnership prospects, I don't know.

The top talent at Fish moved over to Winston Strawn, a few years back, which shows you that Winston has a very strong IP lit practice.

You get the idea. Don't know anything about transactions, but I guess you should look at deal sizes or something or whatever it is that you corporate lawyers do.

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