eDiscovery Experience? Document Review jobs?

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eDiscovery Experience? Document Review jobs?

Post by Anonymous User » Mon Sep 07, 2020 5:47 pm

I'm currently looking for some short-term, remote Document Review work to make some much-needed money, but I'm at a little bit of a loss when it comes to this.

First, I see a decent amount of openings on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed, but the postings are made by companies I've never heard of. Some of them almost feel like a scam (although I'm not sure how someone could turn DocReview into a scam). Are there common companies/websites that people use to get DocReview work? Where should I be looking?

Second, a lot of positions require at least 1 year of eDiscovery experience. From what I understand, "eDiscovery" might entail specific computer programs like Relativity, and a variety of coding skills to tag the documents, but is it a broad enough term where non-DocReview positions might technically count as "eDiscovery experience?" For instance, if I spent a year combing through business contracts at an in-house position, coding them in Excel, and uploading the results into a separate software program for the business, would that count? How about experience doing medical record summaries or deposition summaries for months on end at a law firm? It seems as if I have plenty of document review experience, and I'd be willing to call it "eDiscovery experience" at this point, unless I'm way off base here.

Third, does anyone have experience doing remote DocReview? How does it work if you don't have any on-site contact whatsoever?

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