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DC Recruiters

Post by Anonymous User » Wed Sep 02, 2020 10:19 am

I'm a midlevel litigator at a firm in DC. I've mostly liked my firm, but lately I've been staffed on a huge case I don't like. I'm not motivated; this case is blocking me from taking on more fun assignments; I don't do my best work on it; people are noticing, and the case will go on for years. I may quit the case and cause an internal office-politics blowup that way, but that option would almost certainly damage my standing here, which makes me wary.

I'm contemplating leaving Biglaw entirely if Biden wins the election and I can manage to get into DOJ, but otherwise, I need to at least think about lateraling. I don't want to get caught with pants down here if I get some "you've got three months" talk or if things otherwise go further south.

I still get recruiter emails, but I have little basis for telling whether

(a) it's worth using a recruiter at all -- I have good law-school era credentials (great grades from T-[redacted] and a COA clerkship) -- but I'm not sure those are enough to carry me through the COVID-era hiring market alone. My experience is mostly in brief writing (and I am very good at that, for an associate at least I think) but I am mediocre at most discovery; have not been to trial or argued anything, and have taken only one deposition. Any advice from other people who have made a DC lateral move?

(b) If it is worth using a recruiter, who should I use? Any recommendations on good people who have honestly done well by you would be appreciated.

Mostly looking to stay in DC for personal reasons, though if things at current firm go further south and Trump wins re-election, that could change.

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