Incoming DE/SDNY BK clerk - when should I take the NY bar?

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Incoming DE/SDNY BK clerk - when should I take the NY bar?

Post by Anonymous User » Tue Jul 28, 2020 7:39 pm

So I'm going to be starting a DE/SDNY BK clerkship shortly, ending in Fall 2021.

I'm currently signed up to take the CA bar in October (ugh), but since I'm most likely going to end up at an NY firm, I assume I'll need to take the NY bar (or do the whole UBE-in-another-state rigamarole) as well at some point.

I guess I have a few questions:

How much will being barred in CA, but not yet barred in NY affect my hiring prospects around January, when clerks start fielding offers?

When should I actually take the NY bar?

Will firms be receptive to giving me time off/postponing a start date so I can take the NY bar, or should take the NY bar ASAP mid-clerkship?

Obviously no one can give me firm answers on any of this, and a lot of it hinges on unknowns (e.g., when the next NY bar will even take place). But any input is welcomed. I think it goes without saying, but I really really really would love to avoid taking another bar exam in the middle of what will probably be a very busy clerkship.

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