Medical problems post-LS and job search

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Medical problems post-LS and job search

Post by docfaced » Sat Jun 20, 2020 4:43 pm

I'm at my wit's end.

T20 grad, fall 2018 (would have been May 2018, but the serious medical problems started in fall 2017). Made the (VERY REGRETTABLE) decision to sit out the Feb. 2019 bar due to a serious medical condition. Took July '19, passed. Had some c&f stuff from pre-LS to address, so only swore in to practice this past February. AKA 3 weeks before COVID happened. I'm licensed in the state my school is in but I'm willing to move wherever.

Actually had a job offer before covid hit (DA's office) but then it got pulled due to office being unable to hire me due to quarantine and then hiring freeze.

Top third in class, have a couple of CALI awards, RA'd for a couple of professors, got a pro bono/service award, got published in a secondary journal.

I'm definitely trying to network as much as possible considering the whole covid thing. Reaching out to old professors, old mentors, etc. Definitely checking and applying to job boards.

Am I missing some sort of avenue? What would/should I do next?

Someone save me from doc review and/or going back to waiting tables, please please please.

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