NY CLE Retroactive Extension for First Year of Newly Admitted Attorney

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NY CLE Retroactive Extension for First Year of Newly Admitted Attorney

Post by ultroz » Mon May 18, 2020 8:42 pm

I'm a newly admitted NY attorney (admitted in late 2018) and I messed up completing my CLE credits for my first year of admission. Long story short, I stupidly misread the requirements and did not complete the first 16 credits during the first year (I completed only 5/16 on time).

Unfortunately, I realized this 90 days after the first anniversary of my admission. Within the past month, I've completed all 32 of my credits and I'm going to submit a retroactive extension by the end of this week. However, since I'm way past 90 days after the first anniversary of my admission, I'm not sure what to expect, especially since the NY Courts website and extension form seem to suggest that they'll only grant 90 day extensions.

I know I screwed up, but I want to get an idea of what to expect. Has anyone had any experience with failing to complete the first year NY CLE credits within 90 days of the original deadline? Am I fucked or will they grant the extension beyond 90 days? On that note, is there anything I should or shouldn't say in the retroactive extension application?

If it matters, both my birthday and second anniversary of my admission are at the end of the year, so I've finished all 32 credits well in advance of those deadlines. It's the first 16 that I fucked up though.

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