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Post by crazywafflez » Thu May 07, 2020 10:49 pm

I'm not sure I'm in the correct forum, so please let me know if I need to move it, sorry!

I was supposed to be with a mid-sized firm back in my home market for the summer. I had been chatting with one of the hiring partners once a week to twice a week for the last month or so. I was under the assumption that things would still be going forward as usual- I was supposed to begin working with them the week of the 25th- I had figured worst case scenario they would push me back a month or so- or have me do remote work. Today they called me up and told me that they intend to cancel the summer program for me and the 3 other SAs. I spoke with the other SAs (as we are all friendly with one another) and they confirmed that they had received phone calls too. The firm will pay us 3/4s the pay for the summer but said they did not want us to do remote work at this time and that they would let us know if they decide to fully open back up later in the summer. I understand their decision but it has really put me in a bind. I'm honored my firm was nice enough to pay us but I was really hoping / relying on this firm to hire me post graduation (I even decided not to do a split summer and do all my weeks with this one firm; which I guess in hindsight may have been a bad call) or to at least gain some valuable working skills (if those can be garnered during the 2L summer)... Some other firms had offered me positions that I had turned down, and many of these firms are still doing their SA programs just pushing them back (although, some have decided to start at the regular time; and I'm sure some may cancel them or push-back indefinitely). Obviously, I'm a bit miffed and posting to rant a bit... And I'm not really frustrated with the firm as nobody was prepared for this kind of scenario. Additionally, I really like the firm I was supposed to summer with and would really like a chance to work with them. Moreover, the hiring partner told me to stay in touch and said they do hire their 2L SAs and that keeping in contact etc was a good move.

In a long round about way my question is what is my next move? I was considering reaching out to firms in my area that I have ties with and asking to work for free (whether that be remotely or in person)- would this be an okay move? I'm also worried that my firm may either be miffed that I've done this or ask me to come in at a later time (which would be a good problem to have). I could also potentially do pro-bono work for the city but I've already done this throughout the year and since I have no firm work on my resume as of yet I'm a bit worried about being perceived in a bad light. Last summer I was with a fed dist ct judge, I could potentially go back and do work for him (I think he would have me) but it could be seen as a similar problem as the pro bono work presents.

Thanks y'all so much for the time and help.

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