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DC Non-Gov Litigation Exit Options

Post by Anonymous User » Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:09 am

I'm a fourth year lit associate in DC. There's a lot about biglaw that I actually like -- I've been lucky enough to work on pretty interesting matters and to write a lot; I like the feeling of competition; I've happened to be on cases where I think we are actually on the side of justice and plaintiffs' counsel are blood-sucking scum of the earth, and I like the team atmosphere. At the same time, though, I tend to bill a shade under 2000 hours/year, and I know making true equity partner likely is not in the cards. Even the hours I work feel like just a little more than I want, and I can't imagine stepping it up the notches I would need to to make shares. It seems likely that I'll want to make a jump in a year or two.

I'm pretty familiar with DOJ, and wonder if that's an option. Apart from government, though, does anyone know of or recommend any smaller shops around here? Maybe this is a total pipe dream, but it would be great to find someplace where I could do semi-interesting work, cruise at 1750-1800 hours/year, and make less, but still decent, money.

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