BigLaw & USAF Reserves (IMA)

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BigLaw & USAF Reserves (IMA)

Post by mecarey » Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:14 pm

Does anyone have experience with (or know someone who does) balancing a BigLaw litigator lifestyle with Military Reservist duties, IMA or otherwise? Extra credit if your experience is/was with the USAF. EXTRA extra credit if your IMA experience was with something other than JAG.

My situation: current stub-year BigLaw litigator, previous USAF O-3 and Engineer. I'm considering picking up a local IMA position that just opened up for engineers, though I am also thinking about looking at local JAG IMA positions because there are a couple of those available as well. Even though it's technically illegal to discriminate against someone based on military status, the reality of this career field is that any time spent away from the job can be taken as not being dedicated to the job/firm/clients/etc. My concerns and questions:
  • How receptive is your firm to reservists?
  • Did your firm prorate hours based on reserve/IMA requirements?
  • How receptive were your coworkers?
  • Was it worth it / would you do it again?
  • How receptive was your command to a demanding job like BigLaw?
Any and all information would be greatly appreciated - I have tried searching the forums for info, but there's really not much out there specific to IMA and BigLaw.


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