Clerkship to Boost CV

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Clerkship to Boost CV

Post by KijiStewart » Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:32 pm

Hi everyone,

I do not want to work full time at Big Law, but is there anything wrong with doing a 1L/2L summer student/clerkship with an elite firm hoping I can lever that to work for a small boutique after graduation?

Moreover, which big law firms are known to not make their summer students work day and night. I'm thinking S&C, Baker McKenzie and Kirland & Ellis.



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Re: Clerkship to Boost CV

Post by RaceJudicata » Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:40 pm

I won't be an asshole (but it was tempting). Are you in law s hool? If so, what type of school?

Your plan isnt how law firm hiring works. Sure, someone with experience at a tip notch firm can land at a elite boutique, but that is leaving out a ton of steps between. First, you need top grades from a top school. Then you need (most of the time) a clerkship or clerkships (and any old clerkship isn't generally sufficient). Then you probably need top form experience (unless you get hired directly from a clerkship).

Before you can do any of this, you probably need to land a 2L SA position.

But my sense is that you aren't in law school yet (or haven't been paying attention), so this is all moot.

ETA: Glanced at your post history, you are in law school - my bad. Focus on getting good grades and doing well at OCI. A boutique is a long way away, and not a whole lot you can do to position yourself for it right now aside from getting tippy top grades.

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