passed the what?

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passed the what?

Post by latetothegame » Mon Jun 13, 2016 6:47 pm

So it took me a few tries to pass in Cali. Such that I had a biglaw job and left (not because they wanted me to, but I needed a break from the whole situation to get my head together and do what it took to pass).

Hiring partner when I left said they would love to rehire me if I came back. But now I've learned that she's no longer a big fish at the firm so she might have no pull. Most of my close connections at the firm have moved on.

I feel like the world is my oyster, and yet not. The recruitment as we know is centered on current law students or attorneys with a few years of experience.

If I wanted to get back to BigLaw, I feel like they would laugh at me at this point. I'm basically a weirdo who couldn't pass the stupid test, and now I want back in.

Wondering if anyone else has heard of experiences like this and could give some pointers. Would working at a small law firm be the way to go? I feel like once you join a small firm the door to biglaw kind of closes? Mind you, I think working at a small law firm could be awesome. But my question is basically could it play a role in helping get back to BigLaw? Or would it hurt?

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