PI immigration job offer, but some worries

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PI immigration job offer, but some worries

Post by bedefan » Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:42 am

Hey all, just hoping to get perspective from people with a little practice experience in immigration law (public interest). I've got a job offer to work in a somewhat remote rural area with unaccompanied minors as well as doing some deportation defense and asylum applications for adults. It's a permanent position, not one of the DOJ-funded deals.

I'm total PI all the way, am fine with the low pay, have lived before in the rural area in question and liked it -- no worries on any of that stuff. My only concern is I've never done immigration before. Normally I don't think twice about doing something new but I've got two worries about my total lack of experience:

1) I'd be the only lawyer in this office. There'd be training, but it'd be provided remotely -- phone check-ins with lawyers at the central office, that kind of thing. But it'd be a bit like starting a solo practice, and again I know nothing about immigration law. (And obviously I won't have funding to hire a legal secretary -- I'll be doing the paperwork on my own.) This seems potentially overwhelming for me/disastrous for my clients.

2) I have heard immigration is a really frustrating area of law to practice -- combination of inept/overworked immigration judges and fundamentally unjust/nonsensical laws. This seems likely to increase my risk of burnout.

Anybody with a little or a lot of immigration experience have thoughts on these two concerns?

Thanks for all the thoughtful comments.

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