2 interviews tomorrow, doc review and law clerk in CA

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2 interviews tomorrow, doc review and law clerk in CA

Post by Anonymous User » Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:23 pm

Just became licensed in CA to work. Bottom 10 percent of class from a tier 1 school and no substantial work experience. Just 1L and 2L summer gigs. Had to retake Bar Exam. I understand these are some red flags. No debt at all either and not paying rent, so I can afford to stay at home and keep looking for jobs than take a shitlaw job. Although I don't mind experienced shitlaw for a bit.

Because of these red flags, I was told not to be picky. However, I have 2 interviews tomorrow and could use some advice.

1. One is doing doc review for about 35/hour and 40 hour weeks with opportunity for overtime. It's a temp job and it finishes when the project finishes. I have no idea what doc review is, but i hear it is hated and avoided at all costs. I hear there is no upward mobility, but I guess it is better than sitting at home?
Any general tips for the interview?

2. Another job is a law clerk at a medium sized firm in major market that specializes in a kind of law I am not familiar with at all. I don't like the title "law clerk" because I feel thats associated with law students. I was wondering why they were so eager to interview me because I was licensed and not still in school. Hopefully they let me on as an associate? Should I ask about this? Also, they have asked repeatedly about my expected salary. I want to say 30/hour, but that might seem a bit high. I am assuming anywhere from 15-20 an hour. Should I just say whatever the market rate is?

If you got both offers, which would you choose?

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Re: 2 interviews tomorrow, doc review and law clerk in CA

Post by El Pollito » Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:26 pm

Don't do doc review unless you're okay doing doc review for life.

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