Biggest Practice Areas in SF?

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Biggest Practice Areas in SF?

Post by RamblinBoyofPleasure » Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:00 pm

What are the biggest litigation-related practice areas in SF? Are there any, or is it basically IP and then a lot of general commercial lit? A lot of the firms I interviewed with had a good amount of securities, white collar, and employment work, but it seemed to vary a lot from firm to firm.

FWIW, I'm interested because I struck out in SF. I'll be doing an SA in another market, and from what I've heard 3L hiring is really practice area specific. I have no science background, and am looking for anything I can do between now and next year to maximize my chances of ending up in SF.


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Re: Biggest Practice Areas in SF?

Post by curiousgeorges » Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:10 pm

As someone who recently worked with a headhunter and became familiar with the SF/SV (BigLaw) litigation market: yes, IP litigation is hottest by a longshot. Most of the lateral hiring going on - I'd estimate 75%+ of what I saw, and every position but one for which I was considered - was IP litigation. Next to IP litigation, securities litigation is the hottest thing we've got going. General commercial litigation is very, very slow hiring-wise right now. There's been a little bit of labor and employment hiring, but not as much. I didn't end up looking into midlaw or small-law, so I don't know as much about those prospects.

Good luck with 3L interviewing. It's an awesome area, and I don't think you'll regret coming here. Were I in your position, I might try to get as much securities/white collar experience as possible and also to see if my 2L firm would let me do some patent work (I don't think it can hurt to have this on your resume even if you don't have a science background.)

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