Just graduated, unemployed, clueless on fellowships

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Just graduated, unemployed, clueless on fellowships

Post by Anonymous User » Wed Jun 05, 2013 1:09 am

I'm a recent graduate from a CLS and I'm in pretty sad shape right now. I struggled through a combination of depression and anxiety that just left me feeling defeated through my 2L and 3L years. While graduation has been a great relief and getting out of that environment has been helpful, there's still the small matter of a quarter-million dollar debt load combined with the same fundamental career ambitions that brought me to law school three years ago. CLS offers a $30k fellowship for 1-year to recent graduates who will work in unpaid government positions and that's what I'm pursuing now.

Unfortunately between finishing my graduation requirements and moving out of NYC, I've only recently turned my attention back to my career. At this point it feels like a government fellowship is the most realistic chance to revive my career ambitions and an adviser pinpointed the NY AG's office as my best prospect. He also reminded me that I could pick any qualified government position, but that they haven't had as much experience taking on fellows with CLS and my experiences may vary with those institutions.

To be perfectly clear though, government work has never been my main interest and I really don't have any intention of staying in such a position for more than a couple years (ideally I would end it after the fellowship ends and would be in a position to turn down a paid position). My experience has indicated that working with the NY AG's office or a DC agency would be the best experience available now to make me palatable to law firms in a year. I've applied to the NY AG office but I'm currently living in DC and have friends, support, and an appreciation for the city here that would make a DC position preferable if it also offered a high level of useful legal experience.

I didn't work during my 2L summer and my 1L summer was a sharp reminder that not all government "legal fellowships" are going to make an effort to give you actual legal experience. I still need to do soul-searching about what comes after the fellowship, but my goal would be entering the private sector for a firm on the transactions side that would help leverage my economic training/mindset. Ultimately though the purpose of this thread is to seek advice about the quality of experience I would get at the NY AG's office compared to the wide variety of agencies I might pursue here in D.C., time is running short though and I have no clue about how these agencies treat unpaid law grads or if some would even accept me.

Sorry if this post seems ignorant or foolish, I'm just working with what little I have right now.
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Re: Just graduated, unemployed, clueless on fellowships

Post by Pokemon » Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:04 am

I think it seems a little naive. The wide variety of agencies in DC will be very, very hard to get, unless I have been missing something from all the TLS threads I have read. NY AG does not seem to me like a bad choice if you get it. What is your GPA like? Maybe do fellowship, try clerking (magistrate/bankruptcy/state) if GPA not good, and then try to make friends with a judge and other people in order to jump to a firm.
TLS wisdom tells me that you are in a bad place... but I have personally seen people make bigger comebacks.


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Post by Myself » Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:06 am

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Re: Just graduated, unemployed, clueless on fellowships

Post by Anonymous User » Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:34 am

I should have clarified, this is a CLS fellowship for an unpaid government internship. Not a government-sponsored fellowship.

My GPA started out stronger with some A's and a model answer exam but has definitely sucked for the last 3 semesters.

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Re: Just graduated, unemployed, clueless on fellowships

Post by A. Nony Mouse » Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:47 am

Not interested in finding a DC judge who'd take a free clerk?

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