Philly ties - interview question

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Philly ties - interview question

Post by Anonymous User » Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:21 pm

Originally from MD and have a Philly interview coming up. I know that "Why Philly" is going to be asked a lot of, I've had a few other callbacks in Philly and it was emphasized very much.

Being that I'm not from there, what is an acceptable answer to this? I've been saying that it's the perfect balance, b/c:
-I'm from MD and my significant other is from NYC, so its close to both of our families
-It provides a higher QOL b/c of lower COL and is less hectic than NY, which is good since we're going to have kids within 2 years or so.
-I can do sophisticated legal work for high-profile clients, plus there are also great career opportunities for my SO, since she works in the pharmaceutical industry and there is a big pharma presence there

Can any Philly interviewers or people from outside of the Philly area who has landed an SA in Philly comment on whether these are good answers? These are all legitimate reasons why I want to be there and I would be very happy to be in Philly, but I'm not sure if firms there are buying this...


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Re: Philly ties - interview question

Post by PMan99 » Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:03 pm

Only have limited experience with Philly, so many some other people can add more useful information. I'd drop any reference to NYC, especially that your SO is from there. Firms seemed incredibly suspicious about people actually wanting NY and just interviewing in Philly for some other reason.

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