USAO Security Clearance Timeline

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USAO Security Clearance Timeline

Post by Anonymous User » Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:36 pm

Hey guys,

So I recently accepted an offer with the USAO that I'm really excited about, but I'm starting to get worried about how long the security clearance process will take. I don't think there are any disqualifying red flags on my application, just lots of things that seem like it could take forever or be difficult to verify -- ie, lots of foreign relatives, recent international travel, many previous internships with supervisors that have since scattered, several addresses, some mental health stuff that should get cleared but needs to be dealt with, etc.

I am just getting to filing the paperwork this week. What is the likelihood that my clearance just won't be processed in time for me to be able to work? Has anyone had horror experiences with this? I am getting extra worried because I have other offers that I need to turn down or withdraw from due to having accepted USAO, but what if this clearance just does not come through and I'm stuck with doing nothing for the summer?

My USAO office has not been very helpful in giving me good estimates in timeline / likelihood of clearance. Not sure how to deal with this situation. Any advice or stories would be helpful. Or for people who have already been cleared, how long did it take?


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Re: USAO Security Clearance Timeline

Post by Renzo » Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:48 pm

It can take for-fucking-ever in cases like yours. Get that thing in STAT and you should be ok, but you want to give them plenty of time to kick it back to you for further clarification/details/etc.

Hell, they sat on mine for like 3 weeks then sent it back because I quit my job before law school July 15, so I listed July as both employed and unemployed. They said "no overlapping dates" and made me fix it, re-certify it, and resubmit it before they'd look at it.

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