Texas vs. Duke

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Texas vs. Duke

Post by Anonymous User » Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:52 pm

So here's the deal, I am all but set on going to UT. However, it appears I may have the opportunity to go to Duke, starting in the Fall of 2011 (anyone who just got that wait-list update knows what I'm talking about). Which school would y'all recommend? I am from Texas and want to go into BigLaw. I've always thought I would return to Texas, but I went to school in the South and would be just as happy remaining there, maybe more happy. I have Texas in-state plus $. At Duke I would have no financial aid (I assume). Thankfully, I'm in a position where debt will not be a problem, but the money that is leftover from law school will be mine. So the difference would be graduating with an extra 60-70k and a JD from Texas or basically graduating with no money in my bank account, no debt either, and a JD from Duke. Any thoughts? I would end up working this year and maybe doing a bit of traveling. Do you think the finances/year off are reasons to definitely go to Texas? Or is the national portability and BigLaw placement that much better at Duke and worth the wait/$$$?

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