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DOJ Honors Program

Post by Anonymous User » Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:42 pm

Next year I am going to be attending one of MVPD and I'm VERY interested in the DOJ honors program.

I know it's VERY competitive... but how competitive? Also, in order to get an interview do I at least need to be above median? or do I need to be above 20%?

Also, in order to be part of the honors program should I be gearing myself towards any specific activity (related to public interest)... or does this not matter very mucH?

Thanks in advance....

Also, I'm not looking to be a ADA... I'm interested in working for a government agency dealing with educational law...


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Re: DOJ Honors Program

Post by ScaredWorkedBored » Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:29 pm

Your credentials can never be too good for federal honors programs. This is metric-based hiring. DoJ honors hires people who are coming off of federal clerkships so that should give you some idea.

As far as demonstrated interest in your activities - that matters enormously. The feds engage in multiple rounds of interviewing and it's real interviewing, not like what you may have heard about law firm "joke around over lunch" interviews. Honors programs absolutely want true believers. DOJ in particular has enough massively qualified candidates who have demonstrated commitment through their summer positions that they have no need to take someone who just has the high numbers.

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