please help!-- uva (75k) vs. columbia (sticker)???

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uva (75k) vs. columbia (sticker)?

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please help!-- uva (75k) vs. columbia (sticker)???

Post by indecisive09 » Thu May 07, 2009 11:21 am

I am very sorry to do this again, as I know there are similar posts (including some I have written as well as from other TLSers facing similar choices), but as my extended deposit deadline is approaching, I could really use some more input specific to me.

I have no undergrad debt, but no savings/ help either in paying for law school.

I hope to go into govt or academia after law school, and possibly eventually return to So. California, but since I am not absolutely certain what I want to do and where, I want to choose the school that will allow me the most opportunities.

I have tentatively committed to Columbia because I am interested in international law, like the location, and admittedly, the prestige in name that might open more doors in govt/ academia, but I am having a lot of trouble justifying the close to quarter million in debt.

Is a 100k+ in debt really that different from 200k+ in debt in the grand scheme of things?

Does anybody have any thoughts on the difference in opportunities specifically in government or academic jobs?

Thank you all in advance!! TLS forum insights have been really helpful to me thus far!

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Re: please help!-- uva (75k) vs. columbia (sticker)???

Post by smdalton » Thu May 14, 2009 1:22 pm

They are both t14. The only real difference is going to be the DC job market vs NYC job market. And, mostly what your class rank is. If living in NYC is worth more to you than $75,000 I'd say go to Columbia. (When in reality you can, with a little effort, get a job in NYC from UVA)

Both amazing schools.....

The difference between 100K and 200K in debt is HUGE


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