Looking for Roommate in Boston, August 2009

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Looking for Roommate in Boston, August 2009

Post by djshack » Tue Jan 27, 2009 4:03 pm

As it goes, there's about a 98% chance I'll be going to Suffolk University Law School, which begins mid-August 2009. I live in California, so the living situation is already making me nervous, as it's rather difficult to figure out living so far away (and I'll only be able to visit once or twice before school starts).

If anyone on this board lives in (or is moving to) Boston, and wants to share a two bedroom in a variety of locations (Back Bay, Beacon Hill, North End, South End, or Cambridge), please let me know. If you already live in Boston, I can trust you to find a decent two bedroom (more than I can trust a broker).

About me:
*I'm a 25 year old male (will be 26 in August)
*I am sociable, and I want to meet new people in Boston (I'm friendly)
*I will want to be quiet most of the time, for obvious reasons, but would not object to occasional friends visiting
*I'm clean, especially for a guy (but not overly obsessive about it)
*I like going out to bars on occasion, and seeing live music, etc. etc.

If anyone is interested, please reply or send me a private message. Thanks!


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