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odds of getting into a decent school with a low GPA

Post by Lucy001 » Tue Oct 05, 2021 8:28 pm

What do you all think my chances of getting into a decent school (top 20’s-50’s) are with a 3.48 GPA. I got straight A’S and B’s my first three years of undergrad but gave up my last two semesters (mostly because of COVID and personal life study) and that dropped my GPA. I just started studying for the lsat but have already improved from a 153 diagnostic to a 160 in less than a month. I plan on studying for at least another 4-6 months. I also didn’t do any extra curricular activities in undergrad, and don’t have any academic letters of recommendation (i worked full time so I only have professional ones.)


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Re: odds of getting into a decent school with a low GPA

Post by crazywafflez » Thu Oct 07, 2021 10:15 am

This just really depends on your goals: Yes, you can get into a T1 (roughly, schools ranked 20-60ish) with a 3.5 low 160s. I went to a T1 on a near full scholly and am really happy with my decision. I enjoy my job, however, I do not make a biglaw salary. Most T1 schools just do well in their market, so, I'd go to the school you get the best scholarship to in the market you want to practice in. If you are top 20% or so, you'll be competitive for biglaw, if not, you'll have a gig as an attorney in your home market.
But if your goals are biglaw in DC or something, you're going to need to secure top notch grades from a T14 school, which means you're gonna do need crush the LSAT (170s). But yeah, in sum, if you are cool practicing in Arizona or Tennessee, go to those state schools. If you want to practice in Biglaw in DC, ASU isn't better than UTk, nor will either get you there really anyways, and you'll need to look into going to a T14 school (the top 14 schools).


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Re: odds of getting into a decent school with a low GPA

Post by nixy » Thu Oct 07, 2021 12:37 pm

I realize this isn't the main point of your post, but you are probably best off getting at least one academic letter. You don't need to have been best friends with the prof, pick someone whose class you did well in and ask them. You can give them additional information about you to help them round out the letter. They will understand you asking, it's part of a prof's job to write letters for their students.


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Re: odds of getting into a decent school with a low GPA

Post by CanadianWolf » Thu Oct 07, 2021 2:33 pm

Yes, you should be admitted to several top tier (top 50) law schools with a 160+ LSAT score and a 3.48 undergraduate GPA. However, in the current climate of law school admissions, you are unlikely to be admitted to a top 30 law school if your LSAT score is in the low 160s.

Illinois, Iowa,Wisconsin, Ohio State, Wake Forest, Utah, Univ.of Washington, Florida State (FSU), UC-Hastings,Maryland, SMU,Temple,Richmond, Villanova, Baylor, UConn, either Penn State law school, Tulane, Houston,Missouri, UNLV, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh,Seton Hall, Kansas, Case Western Reserve, Loyola Marymount, St. John's, Univ. of Miami, Oregon, Georgia State,Loyola-Chicago, Univ. of Denver, American University, Brooklyn Law,Drexel, Cincinnati, Univ. of San Diego, Nebraska, Michigan State, Rutgers,Saint Louis University, Illinois Institute of Technology, South Carolina, New Mexico, & about 120 other ABA accredited law schools would be reasonable targets for you if you score in the 160 to 163 range of the LSAT. Of course, the higher your LSAT score, the better become your chances for an offer of admission.

If your question is really whether or not you can be competitive for admission at a law school ranked among the top 30 as a non-URM with a 3.48 descending GPA, the answer is that it depends upon your LSAT score. My opinion is that you would need at least a 164 in order to receive serious consideration at law schools ranked in the 20s.

If your question is whether or not you can get decent job offers from attending a non-top 30 law school, the answer is that it depends upon your law school class rank. Top 20%, maybe top 25%, class rank should generate interest among regional / local law firms (based on the location of the law school).

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