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Chance me - 173 LSAT, 3.7 GPA.

Post by RonMexico5858 » Tue Oct 05, 2021 6:09 pm

Thanks in advance because I know that these can be annoying. I posted in the "chance me" section, but it's extremely inactive. I'm applying to Penn, UVA, UT, Vandy, and SMU, listed in order of preference. Scholarships would be nice and would be the deciding factor between similarly ranked schools (Penn and UVA and maybe UT or UT and Vandy), but I'm more concerned with rank. My goal is BigLaw with a focus on bankruptcy, preferably in NYC or DC, but I'm also open to Dallas (hence SMU).

173 LSAT, 3.7 GPA with a huge upward trend (my GPA since first semester freshman year has been a 3.9 or so), decent but not amazing softs, decent personal statement/essays/LOR. Thanks again.

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