Question about requesting a deferral

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Question about requesting a deferral

Post by Ashwin22 » Mon Feb 22, 2021 12:53 pm

Hi everyone,

I was recently accepted to a law school and wanted to request a one-year deferral to pursue graduate education. However, I think I've run into a problem: I sent the deferral request to the appropriate person, who did not respond. So, I emailed her again a few days later to confirm that she received it and ask if there's anything else that I need to send in. In response, she confirmed that she received my request and would process it later that week and that she appreciates my patience. I sent a follow-up email thanking her. This was on January 22.

Since then, I haven't heard anything back from her, and its February 22. Should I email/call her again to ask about when I may receive my decision or am I overthinking this? I don't want to come off as impatient or self-centered and I realize that admissions offices are completely slammed this around this time of the year. Some advice would be appreciated.

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