Splitter with Addendum/Mental Health C&F Questions..help!

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Splitter with Addendum/Mental Health C&F Questions..help!

Post by bird_law » Fri Nov 20, 2020 2:20 pm

I am a Non-Trad. First Gen Grad 2014. 2.0/166/URM.

My transcript grades are a roller coaster ride. Alternating semesters of being on the dean’s list and academic probation. I was dismissed from my first school due to poor grades. This was due to diagnosed ptsd & anxiety etc.
Two issues:
1) I'm not sure what to put on the C&F portion of my applications. Should give a timeline probation/dismissal dates and semester gpas? How much do I need to divulge at this point and how much should leave for the addendum? Do I need to talk about my diagnosis or therapy?

2) Regarding my much-needed GPA addendum. I do not have an upward trajectory that I can frame this around. It was a long process of recovering from childhood bs while working through school and taking care of family. I do not want to highlight this too much but I know schools will need an explanation. I’m almost sure that I’m presenting myself as if I’m unfit for law school as others have thrived in worse environments . Should I vaguely mention a chronic health issue or factually lay out what happened? I can't find any appropriate examples.

Ugghh it just feels like I'm handing in several essays highlighting how much of shit student I was complete with excuses about life sucking and no consistent evidence of academic potential.Hoping a school shows mercy. Help!

I may have posted these questions on a couple of forums bc im desperate.

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