Help me be a better splitter: 2.9 / 170

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Help me be a better splitter: 2.9 / 170

Post by lampyyy » Sun Aug 09, 2020 10:11 pm

Considering whether I go back to law school. Super low GPA is killing my shot at a decent cycle w/ T-25. Hoping to differentiate myself with good work experience.

-2.9 GPA
-170 LSAT from Feb.
-4 years of work experience at a high level job in entertainment business.
-Shooting for 173-175 on Nov LSAT

Have looked at some of the data on splitters, curious on anyone's thoughts on chances for below schools:
NYU, NW, UVA, GULC, BU, UT, Vanderbilt

/General advice for how super splitters with good work experience fare & whether a 3-5 point bump on Nov LSAT might help. :D


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Re: Help me be a better splitter: 2.9 / 170

Post by decimalsanddollars » Mon Aug 10, 2020 12:51 pm

LSAT bump of that magnitude would certainly help, but regardless, you need to apply broadly, ideally to the highest school where you have any shot (looks like NYU or maybe Columbia at this point) and every T20 school below that. As a splitter, you have to maximize options; that applies even if you increase your LSAT score.

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