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KJD Internships and Legal Markets Advice

Post by Jialw » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:11 pm

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had any insight into establishing ties to a legal market for a KJD. For a bit of background, I'm from Michigan and am a rising junior at Michigan, currently interning in NYC. I'm interning in D.C. this fall, but after law school, I'd like to end up in Chicago or Boston. Other than the obvious answer of going to Chicago/Northwestern, Harvard/BU/BC, I was hoping for some unconventional/anecdotal advice regarding these markets.

While I'm not trying to tailor my internships for law school specifically, I'm just worried about OCI and whatnot in the future and I like to plan ahead a little bit. My career goal is to be a warm body in corporate/M&A biglaw, and I still have one more summer after this to work in either Chicago/Boston for a summer. My question is which market seems to place more emphasis on ties and what kind of ties are necessary, i.e. would having just a summer internship be enough for Boston/Chicago?

From my understanding, Boston is the more tie-sensitive market, and it makes sense for me to shoot for an internship in Boston next summer. However, I don't want to assume that I can just say Lou Malnati’s is the best and roll with that when OCI rolls around. Is being from the midwest and going to Michigan for undergrad enough for establishing ties to Chicago? Also, can I use my parents for establishing ties? My dad grew up in Lake Forest and went to college in Chicago, and my mom grew up in Wellesley and went to school in Boston, but they both moved to Michigan way before I was born. Can I drop the fact that my parents grew up in these areas to help bolster my ties as a last-ditch effort? Most of my extended family has left these 2 areas and live elsewhere so I can't really claim that I have family in either area, but I have spent summers in Boston/Chicago before and can speak with familiarity about these cities.

While I realize that all of this is far in the future, I'm seriously considering taking time off after college to work in either city just to further establish ties. I'd prefer to go straight through because I have a lot of lawyers in the family and I'm familiar with what being a lawyer entails, but I'm open to other ways of establishing ties. I'm taking the LSAT in a couple of days so after I have a solid score, I'll start thinking more about selecting a law school for the region I want to practice in, but I wanted to focus this post around internships. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, even the ones that say internships don't matter.

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Re: KJD Internships and Legal Markets Advice

Post by The Lsat Airbender » Thu Aug 01, 2019 10:40 am

Don't be KJD lol.

This is an especially good reason to get a real job before law school - nothing in your OP approaches actual ties, and interning doesn't mean a whole lot either, but if you've actually made an effort to put down roots before law school then it'll show.

I'd pick Chicago since it's cheaper and has a somewhat bigger legal market. But Boston would be great too. Go get a job of some kind, unemployment's at like 3% right now, and you'll be in a much better place in so many ways.

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