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LOR question

Post by alexjinye » Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:07 am

I am going to meet with my professor for the LOR today.

Some questions just came up into my mind:

1. Can the LOR be submitted all electronically? What about that consent form??

2. I am only including my transcript, resume, and LOR guideline in the package for my professor. Do you think it is better to include a thank you letter too? I thought this should be done after I get acceptance from law schools. But I want some thoughts on this.

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Re: LOR question

Post by prodigal.daughter » Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:37 am

1.) You should go read the LOR info on the LSAC website; it covers everything in great depth and would undoubtedly be very beneficial to you. But, yes, it can be submitted electronically. Get your prof's okay, then enter their email in the form on the LSAC site, and they'll get a link with instructions.

2.) I would never include a thank you in the original package. That's just... weird. You can either thank them immediately after they submit the letter, or you can wait until acceptances. I thanked mine in person (just a short "thank you") after they submitted, and then just yesterday handed each of them a mug from my chosen school as an official little thank you gift. They seemed to enjoy unwrapping it (it was covered in newspaper) and figuring out where I decided to go.

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