Applications and Dec Retake?

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Applications and Dec Retake?

Post by Tuler09 » Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:12 pm

Sorry, I know this question has probably been answered before but I was looking around and couldn't find anything...
I got a 169 on the Oct LSAT (3.81 GPA) so I submitted apps to schools where that was above the median and was planning on waiting to apply to any T-14s until I got the scores from December. (Hoping to go 170+ I've been PTing around 173)

I have everything ready to submit the apps though except maybe writing a few school specific essays...

So question is should I submit apps to T-14s now with an addendum saying I'm retaking in December or just wait to submit until I have those scores? My worry is that schools would throw my app out before waiting for Dec scores.



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Re: Applications and Dec Retake?

Post by jgconte » Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:41 pm

Hey, I'm in the same boat as you. I'm retaking in December because my Oct LSAT score was just horrible (it actually made me laugh because it was no where near where I was PT'ing). Anyway, I have submitted a few apps myself already. Schools do not consider your application complete if you indicate you're re-taking it in December and, therefore, will not officially review it (usually under standarized scores section you can input future LSAT dates). So really sending in now will have no effect because they will just see that you are re taking and push it off to the side until the application is 'complete'. You won't get rejected. I chose to send in apps anyway so I didn't have to pay all at one time. Also, I had to submit my app to Northwestern so I could schedule my interview with them.

Now, if you don't indicate that you are re-taking in December then they will review it and make a decision based on your current LSAT score. It will probably get messy if they review your app and make a decision and then you send in a new LSAT score, so make sure you are clear you are taking in December.

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