C&F/Dean's Letter Question

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C&F/Dean's Letter Question

Post by WhiskeynCoke » Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:15 am

Anyone know how the Dean's letter thing works?

I was written up a couple times for drinking while living in the dorms a few years ago. I called my schools Office of Judicial Affairs, who looked up my disciplinary record and told me that it was completely clean. Student housing services at my UG only reports violations of the student conduct code to the university, which mine apparently were not.

To cover my ass just in case, I plan on fully disclosing this to schools that ask, even though no record exists and my UG confirmed that they would certify me as "clean." However, if I answer yes to this question, some schools (CLS, for example) require I submit a so-called "dean's letter," in which the official in charge of records provides "a detailed explanation of the incident." Since the Office of Judicial Affairs at my school has no record from which to "explain" these incidents in a deans letter, what should I have them do? The lady in charge of this at my UG wants me to give her the appropriate form to fill out, but I can't seem to find it and Columbia's website isn't very helpful.

Anyone gone through this before? Any help/input?

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