Been out of school for 12 years...

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Been out of school for 12 years...

Post by agni » Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:43 pm

And have a GPA of 2.97.

Which comes as a surprise to me because my Cal transcript said that my GPA was 3.13

Anyway, my question is, will they even bother to look at the fine print?

Basically, I chose the wrong major to begin with, got two F's on my very first semester, had to make it up to qualify for transfer out to another college, ended up taking more than the allowed amount of credits to graduate within four years (had to obtain permission from my counselor).

Will this little tidbit, plus the fact that it's already been 12 years (class of 99), give me reason enough to apply for otherwise 'weak consider' or even straight 'deny' schools, or would they not even give it a second look?

I have done some interesting stuff in the 12 years between, co authoring two books (one technical, one not-technical; though none of them in English) and advancing quite far on a rather unique event...

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Re: Been out of school for 12 years...

Post by rinkrat19 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:48 pm

1. Find schools that will accept a stellar LSAT score with a bad GPA. (
2. Study your ass off and get said stellar LSAT score. (You would be what is known as a "splitter")
3. Apply to your list of splitter-friendly schools from step 1.

There are students at my T14 (Northwestern is probably the most splitter-friendly school in the country) with sub-3.0 GPAs, and less extensive work experience. You're not doomed, although you are starting off with a severe handicap that will lock you out of a lot of top school even if you had a 180 LSAT.

Other particularly splitter-friendly schools are UVA, GULC, and WUSTL.

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