The Great University Money Grab

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The Great University Money Grab

Post by JCFindley » Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:30 pm

So, I went to a military job fair so I could find employment for a year or so if I decide to sit out and retake. I figured a contract job in the Middle East would help me out about right.

What I found were about half the displays at this job fair were schools trying to get vets to spend their GI Bill money at school X to get a degree or tech training that would help them get a job later. OK, none of these were law schools but they were all recruiting students to help them make money to pay their bills and employees/professors. It is the same general concept regardless of the type of school; pay us lots of money and you will get a piece of paper that may or may not help you get a job....

Want to know how to make BIG money in the legal field? Open a law school and charge people ~40K per year to attend even if the job prospects for graduates from your school are horrible. YOU will make money and who cares about the students.

I am not a rankings fan boy by any means and there are some very legitimate TTT schools out there that will give you a good education and a decent chance of a job for a reasonable price. But then there are schools that will give you an education and maybe a chance to pass the bar but almost NO real chance of working as an attorney. Basically, it is a business for them. That is how THEY make money. This is how THEY pay their employees. Now, to get that pay they have to be good at sales. They send out glossy packets. They mass email. They offer scholarships that the majority of people won't get to keep after 1L knowing most will not be able to transfer and most will probably not drop out because they are a third of the way towards their degree and the hard part is done. Hey, if you price it right you can make great money giving something away for free if you know you will sell two more of the same thing at sticker.....

The problem as I see it is there are too many folks buying into this dream. It really is a buyer beware situation when it comes to law schools. Hey, Ole Miss is a tier III school but could well be a great deal for someone from the state wanting to practice in Biloxi. Mississippi College, not so much.....

Really, it is up to you, the consumer, to decide if the law school you are considering is right for you. There are more than a few out there that I would NEVER consider attending even for free but then there are a lot more that are more of a grey area depending on your personal situation. Really, it is up to US, the 0L's to make an informed choice.

Oh, and BTW, retake and ED to UVA.....

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Re: The Great University Money Grab

Post by NR3C1 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:35 pm

Yes, it is a "buyer beware situation." But since this whole higher education enterprise is fueled by federal money in the form of student loans, I believe organizations receiving these moneys (universities, colleges, etc) should be held to a higher standard (i.e., disclose with full transparency the outcomes of such investments). Personally, I believe the long-term solution is to get the government out of the student loan business.

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