Feb LSAT... when does LSAC send CAS reports?

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Feb LSAT... when does LSAC send CAS reports?

Post by mandykittycat » Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:46 pm

I'm applying to law schools for Fall 2012, but I won't be taking the LSAT until the February admission. The schools I'm applying to are all OK with that, but their application deadlines are before I'll get my scores back, so apparently they just wait for them. My question is: In this situation, when does LSAC send the CAS reports to the schools? Do they wait until it's complete with the LSAT scores, or do they send it out without the LSAT scores and send that as an addendum later?

I'm mostly asking because I need to know whether to rush my transcripts and letters of recommendation so LSAC can send the report out by Feb 1, or whether it won't be needed till the end of February :)

Thanks for any insight!!

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